Using machining in addition to combined hot/cold forging,
Yamaco strives to manufacture possibilities from the impossible.


Using various materials in various ways
High-precision forming, and the pursuit of new materials.

In addition to conventional forging techniques, Yamaco strives to
push the boundaries of forming regardless of material through technical development
that exceeds customer requests.
If forging is proving difficult under conventional methods,
contact Yamaco for a solution.

  • Makino horizontal machining center a51nx
  • Makino machining center V56i

Yamaco offers delivery of finished products
with shortened delivery dates through its unique
one-stop facility offering design, die manufacturing,
hot and cold forging, and machining.


The addition of machining to Yamaco’s combined hot/cold forging
makes it possible to break free of traditional concepts regarding
the manufacturing processes for components and products.

Yamaco designs and manufactures optimum die designs for forging with less processing in order to
manufacture products with complicated shapes, such as drive system components,
while meeting the high-precision needs of customers.